BLACK YOUTH tells the story of young BIPoC coming of age in a Western world characterized by white heteronormative people and structures. A coming of age that is characterized by racism, sadness, anger, hatred, the resulting violence, exclusion and the confrontation with one's own identity.

Original title: Black Youth
Director: Isaac Martínez
Script: Isaac Martínez
Cinematography: Gilles Bluhm, Vincent Riszdorfer
Music: Manuel Mählenhoff
Others: Voiceover: Dimitri Abold
Production: Vincent Riszdorfer, Isaac Martínez
Cast: Archad Korodowou, Levy Budiaki, Hafid Ayeva
Dialogue: English
Clearance of minors: No clearance of minors yet
Licensed territory: Worldwide

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2024-09-26 - 2024-10-02

FFA Short Tiger 2024

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