A leftist collective lives in a bus and takes on odd jobs to make ends meet. When they pick up a charming hitchhiker their harmony is threatened.

Original title: Bus
Script: Jens Schillmöller, Lale Nalpantoglu
Cinematography: Steph Ketelhut
Music: Gerrit Lucas
Others: Sound: Gerrit Lucas; Editing: Benjamin Ikes; Producer: Martin Roelly
Production: LE:FOREL ENTERPRISES - Jens Schillmöller, Lale Nalpantoglu
Cast: Michael Schreiner, Elke Bludau, Ulrike Prager, Christoph Ortmann, Dimitri Tellis, Martin Müller, Jürgen Rissmann, Steffi Mühlhan, Claus-Dieter Clausnitzer, Philipp Neubauer
Dialogue: German
Clearance of minors: 0 years
Licensed territory: Worldwide
Topics: Satire, Work

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