Whilst we remain safe and sound, watching the highest grossing cat fail compilation - all that is kept out of sight gets back to us in this consumerist nightmare. On a global playground without bounds the cat´s body is devoured, exploited and controlled - its fear of pain being stronger than the longing for freedom. Objects are fetishized and subjects made into things that are quantifiable and ready for use. They are the natural resources of a luxury they will never know. We are here because you were there - and waste is dumped in the ocean. In the end, bodies reveal the causes and effects of power, pleasure and hate.

Original title: Call of Cuteness
Director: Brenda Lien
Script: Brenda Lien
Music: Oliver Rossol, Brenda Lien
Others: Editor: Brenda Lien
Production: HFG Offenbach
Dialogue: Without Dialogue
Clearance of minors: 12 years
Licensed territory: Europe
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