A fast paced parody on hospital soaps. An organ found after a surgery creates trouble in the routine of a hospital.

Original title: Das Taschenorgan
Director: Carsten Strauch
Script: Carsten Strauch
Cinematography: Nina Werth
Music: Dido Hartwig
Others: Editing: Johannes Ebert; Sound: Johannes Grell
Production: Carsten Strauch Filmproduktion
Cast: Jochen Rühlmann, Carsten Strauch, Rainer Ewerrien, Madeleine Kuhnert, Nina Hecklau
Dialogue: German
Clearance of minors: 6 years
Licensed territory: Worldwide
Topics: Work, Comedy, Satire, Desease

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2024-06-04 - 2024-06-04

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