In the Siberian countryside, marriage is traditionally seen as the greatest achievable happiness for a woman. But the 80-year-old Dorotchka, an archetypal babushka, has always remained alone. At the kitchen table, she contemplates life, love, regret and loneliness—has she maybe brought this fate upon herself?

Original title: Dorotchka
Director: Olga Delane
Script: Olga Delane
Cinematography: Nikolai v. Graevenitz, Olga Delane
Music: Torben Seemann
Others: Editor: Philipp Gromov
Production: Bildschön Filmproduktion / Linda Matern
Dialogue: Russian
Subtitles: German
Clearance of minors: 0 years
FBW rating: valuable
Licensed territory: Worldwide
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