Young artist Annemarie Ladewig gets arrested by the Gestapo on March 22, 1945. After the prison of Fuhlsbüttel she is transferred to the concentration camp Neuengamme close to Hamburg. From there she writes one last letter to her fiancé.

Original title: Geliebtes Du
Script: Zuzanna Poloczek, Michelle Sitko, Maike Wahnschap, Lia Wortelker
Cinematography: Michelle Sitko, Lia Wortelker, Zuzanna Poloczek, Maike Wahnschap
Music: Lia Wortelker
Others: Editors: Michelle Sitko, Lia Wortelker, Zuzanna Poloczek // Animation: Zuzanna Poloczek
Cast: Lia Wortelker, Leona Frieling, Jessica Sitko
Dialogue: German
Clearance of minors: 0 years
Licensed territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
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