Who am I? And above all: Who do I want to be? These questions do not only concern young people, but also the protagonists of this program. How can we deal with the pressure from inside and outside and how can we deal with the other people around us? There are expectations or even prejudices that everyone has to face and reconcile with themselves. The individual parts of us can be very different - appearance, interests or cultural background - because our own identity is often fragmented, contradictory and always changing. The program presents six films that find their own forms and narrative styles to portray the complexity of growing up. Whether animations, interviews, autobiographical reports or critical parodies of internet videos - the stylistic devices are as colorful and diverse as the topic itself.

Films included:
Black Barbie
Shower Boys
Call of Beauty

Original title: Gro├če Erwartungen (Kurzfilmprogramm)
Dialogue: Different Languages
Subtitles: German
Clearance of minors: 6 years
Licensed territory: Germany
Educational topics: Social Studies, Media/ Film, Politics/ Society, Religion/ Ethics
Grade from 7 to 10
Age recommendation 12
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