Jimbo is 13. All he can think about is one girl, Sarah Jane. And no matter what stands in his way - bullies, violence, chaos, zombies - nothing is going to stop him from finding a way into her world.

Original title: I Love Sarah Jane
Director: Spencer Susser
Script: Spencer Susser, David Michod
Cinematography: Adam Arkapan
Music: Michael Lira
Others: Editing: Spencer Susser; Sound: Luke Mynott, Sasha Zastavnikovic, Ted Caplan
Production: Aquarius Films, Angie Fielder
Cast: Brad Ashby, Mia Wasikowska, Vladimir Matovic
Dialogue: English
Subtitles: German
Clearance of minors: 16 years
Licensed territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Topics: Violence, Death, Love, Horror

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Something Wicked Comes at Midnight
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