A classic tragedy: the individual's conflict with himself and the big complex structure of the universe. A flight attendant and airplane seating, an enormous excavator in a coal mine, a furniture showroom on a heavily trafficked thorough road, and, finally, a little glimpse of the hereafter.

Original title: Ich und das Universum
Director: Hajo Schomerus
Script: Hajo Schomerus
Cinematography: Hajo Schomerus
Music: Geeta Dutt
Others: Editing: Dora Vajda; Sound: Markus Hüser; Bernd Hackmann
Production: Busse & Halberschmidt Filmproduktion
Cast: Sabine Fortwängler, Norbert Buhl, Volker Kratz, Fritz Waffenschmidt
Dialogue: German
Clearance of minors: 0 years
FBW rating: particularly valuable
Licensed territory: Worldwide
Topics: Work, Economy
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