An extraterrestrial soldier lands his spaceship on a large clearing in the forest. He finds himself surrounded by the trees, so he jumps out, armed heavily, and screams: "All earthlings, surrender!" But in spite of all the military provocations which ensue, he meets no resistance, and so he starts to negotiate with a tree, "leader of the earthlings".

Original title: Invasion of the Planet Earth
Director: Moritz Langer
Script: Moritz Langer
Cinematography: Benedict Neuenfels
Music: Matthew Cottam
Others: Editing: Marc Acenssi; Sound: Hanse Warns
Production: kamitzlanger filmprod. - Moritz Langer, Uwe Kamitz
Cast: Guntbert Warns
Dialogue: English
Subtitles: German
Clearance of minors: 0 years
FBW rating: particularly valuable
Licensed territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
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