Day in, day out Kurt Pregitzer works as a butcher in his family-run business. He was born into his job, so to speak. Struggling with long days of work he was seeking for a change from the monotonous working routines years ago and found it in taking on the role of an artist at night, when he becomes a painter and sculptor.

Original title: Kunstblut
Director: Jochen Stryjski
Cinematography: Jochen Stryjski
Music: Jochen Stryjski
Others: Editing: Jochen Stryjski, Ton: Jochen Stryjski
Production: FOE Filmemacher, Jochen Stryjski - Executive Producer: Samsung Electronics
Cast: Kurt Pregitzer, Elfriede Ge├čner
Dialogue: German
Clearance of minors: 0 years
Licensed territory: Europe
Topics: Art, Work
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