While the salmon men are swimming upstream in a testosterone-driven race, the women at the source of the river indulge themselves in a fertility dance. But the roles aren’t set as clearly as the men expect.

Original title: Lachsmänner
Script: Veronica L. Montaño, Joel Hofmann, Manuela Leuenberger
Music: Jan Galega Bronnimann
Others: Editors: Lukas Pulver, Joel Hofmann, Manuela Leuenberger // Animation: Etienne Mory, Joana Locher, Manuela Leuenberger, Joel Hofmann, Veronica L. Montaño, Sarah Rothenberger
Production: YK Animation Studio GmbH
Cast: Lalita Brunner, Géraldine Cammisar, Melanie Carolin Wigger, Naomi Homenu, Samuel Beat Minder, Nils Hedinger, Lorenz Wunderle, Andrea Giovanni Sidoti
Dialogue: Without Dialogue
Clearance of minors: 6 years
Licensed territory: Worldwide
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