One windy day, Louis the sheep finds a paper crown and thereby becomes Louis I. King of the Sheep. He addresses his people, tames nature, initiates festivities, separates the sheep by color and decides who gets to do what. Things go their royal ways. At least un.l the next gust of wind.

Please ask for the French OV preview with English subs here.

Original title: Louis I., roi des moutons
Director: Markus Wulf
Script: Markus Wulf, Maggie Briggs; based on the Picture Book by Olivier Tallec)
Cinematography: Taylor Stanton
Music: Kaspian Shines/ Holger Buff
Others: Animation: Emily Ann Hoffman, Victoria Arslani / Puppets: Beatrice Bader, Arne Wachtmann
Production: Hübner/Wallenfels, autumn song productions, Irrelevant Media
Cast: Isabella Rossellini (Narrator in French OV), Mark Waschke (Erzähler der deutschen Fassung)
Dialogue: German, French
Subtitles: English
Clearance of minors: 6 years
FBW rating: particularly valuable
Licensed territory: Worldwide

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2024-07-04 - 2024-07-10

2022 Primanima World Festival of First Animations! - Best Primateen Film

2022 Seoul Yeongdeungpo International Extreme-short Image & Film Festival - Audience & Special Jury Award

2022 Hsin-Yi Children's Animation Award - Nomination

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