Pictures tell a film. A voice tells a film. They touch each other, drift apart, find each other again. A woman, her environment, her dreams and her addictions. Berlin as an amusement park in various stations: Tempelhofer Feld, Hasenheide, IAE. Involvement into a system that promotes war and expulsion.

Original title: Making Off (Germania Dreamland)
Director: Istvan Gyöngyösi
Script: Istvan Gyöngyösi
Cinematography: Istvan Gyöngyösi, René Feldmann, Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher, Oscar von Hoffmann, Marcus Bronst
Others: Editor, Sound: Istvan Gyöngyösi
Production: Istvan Gyöngyösi
Cast: Fernando Param
Dialogue: German
Clearance of minors: 12 years
Licensed territory: Worldwide
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