A young Turkish director tries to teach his mother about film history, which proves to be a language course of a very special kind.

Original title: Annem Sinema Ögreniyor
Director: Nesemi Yetik
Script: Dudu Yetik, Nesimi Yetik
Cinematography: Nesimi Yetik
Others: Sound: Nesimi Yetik
Production: Yusuf Yetik, Dudu Yetik, Gülcan Yetik, Nesimi Yetik
Cast: Dudu Yetik, Nesimi Yetik
Dialogue: Turkish
Subtitles: English
Clearance of minors: 0 years
Licensed territory: Europe

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2024-05-30 - 2024-06-12

2024-06-27 - 2024-07-03

Lobende Erwähnung Europäische Kurzfilmbiennale Ludwigsburg 2007

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