Four friends sit in the Platz der Kulturen square in Cologne’s Finkenberg district, looking for the right words and punctuation for a text message that is never to be sent.

Original title: Muss ja nicht sein, dass es heute ist
Director: Sophia Groening
Script: Sophia Groening, Jan Eichberg, Jan Bonny
Cinematography: Jakob Beurle
Music: Tarik Badaoui
Others: Editor: Niklas Luhmann
Production: Bazon Rosengarth
Cast: Marcel Demeler, Mirkan Arslan, Leander Sparla, Luisa Hensel, Melek Beril Sargut, Fariborz Rahnama, Esra Uyar, Leyla Khutur, Lionel Uba, Can Aydin, Ümit Vural
Dialogue: German
Subtitles: English
Clearance of minors: 0 years
Licensed territory: Worldwide

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2023-03-16 - 2023-03-22

German Short Film Award 2022
German Film Critics' Award 2022 - Best Short Film

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