»Playing Cops and Robbers on the old playground. Why am I still doing this?« Daniel begins to realize that between catching and being caught there is something more going on.

Original title: Räuber und Gendarm
Director: Florian Maubach
Script: Florian Maubach
Music: Jonatan Schwenk
Production: Florian Maubach
Cast: Alexander Czerner, Luka Schlage, Yamon Pannenborg, Ioannis Madaus, Daniel Maaß
Dialogue: German
Clearance of minors: 0 years
Licensed territory: Europe

Kasseler Dokfest ( Special Mention ) 2017
ANIMA ( Best Student Shortfilm ) 2018
Cutout Fest ( Best Student Shortfilm ) 2018
Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis (German Short Film Award) 2018

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