An animated musical with apocalyptic undertones. The story is divided into four episodes that takes place in a supermarket, a long term hotel, a call center and a hamburger restaurant. All of the settings are located in a modern, generic market place next to a large freeway. The characters, portrayed as animals, perform musical numbers with singing and dancing. The episodes varies both in story and mood, and spans from cheerful tap routine to nightmarish black.

Original title: Min Börda
Script: Niki Lindroth von Bahr
Music: Hans Appelqvist
Production: Kalle Wettre, Malade
Dialogue: Swedish
Subtitles: German
Clearance of minors: 0 years
Licensed territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

in shortfilm program:
Dance Order

Best International Short Film, Toronto International Film Festival 2017
Best Short Film, Annecy 2017
Best Film, Fantoche International Animation Film Festival 2017
Best Animation Short Film, Melbourne International Film Festival 2017
Best Animation, Curtas Vila do Conde 2017
Best Swedish Short Film and Audience Award, Göteborg International Film Festival 2017

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