A shoal of herrings, adopting fantastic formations, roams the vast ocean. When seagulls suddenly attack, one small herring finds itself stranded in a tidal pool. As it searches desperately for a way out, it discovers many other sea creatures here. And now there is no time for fear: only by joining forces can they hope to defend themselves against the hungry seagull.

Original title: Tümpel
Script: Eva Rust, Lena von Döhren
Music: Martin Waespe / Thomas Gassmann, Tobias Diggelmann
Others: Editor: Fee Liechti // Animation: Simon Eltz, Lena von Döhren // Weltvertrieb: Magnet Film
Production: Catpics AG/ Sarah Born, Rajko Jazbec, Dario Schoch
Dialogue: Without Dialogue
Clearance of minors: 0 years
Licensed territory: Germany, Austria

in shortfilm program:
Water Worlds (Short Film programme)
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