The paths of the young nurse Larissa and the homeless Peter meet again and again. An encounter during the night occupies Larissa's mind for a long time and does not let her go even in her dreams. Finally, she is led to Peter for the last time.

Original title: Unbekannt, Zimmer 147
Director: Tamara Denić
Script: Alexander Schmid
Cinematography: Matthias Pöltinger
Music: Hannah Wiese / Takuro Sakamoto
Others: Editor: Sönke Saalfeld
Production: Hamburg Media School (HMS) / Paula Maria Martin-Karg (Creative Producer)
Cast: Genet Zegay, Konstantin Graudus
Dialogue: Without Dialogue
Clearance of minors: No clearance of minors yet
Licensed territory: Worldwide

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2024-06-20 - 2024-06-29
Schwäbisch Hall

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