Since the employees of a supermarket are experiencing the night shift, they perform their duties with great boredom. Until they find a new way to plan the attention to the consumer…

Original title: Al servizio del cliente
Director: Beppe Tufarulo
Script: Fabrizio Bozzetti
Cinematography: Flavio Toffoli
Music: Le-Li, Mange Tout
Others: Editing: Stefano Craveroo A.M.C.; Sound: Vincenzo Urselli
Production: Associazione Culturale Premio Solinas, Annamaria Granatello, Francesca Solinas
Cast: Giampiero Judica, Lucia Mascino
Dialogue: Italian
Subtitles: German
Clearance of minors: 0 years
Licensed territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Topics: Work, Consumption, Love
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