What is important when time is up?
Five people in the last five minutes before the world comes to an end.
Two couples and one loner.
The last beer.
Last confessions, jealousies.
Quarrels and conciliations.
But the impending end brings them together again.
Because everything becomes so big.

Original title: Die letzten fünf Minuten der Welt
Director: Jürgen Heimüller
Script: Jürgen Heimüller
Cinematography: Anton Felixberger
Music: Martin Zels/ Robert F. Kellner
Production: Jürgen Heimüller
Cast: Jürgen Heimüller, Boris Popovic, Christine Klein, Martin Muliar, Konstanze Dutzi
Dialogue: German
Clearance of minors: 12 years
Licensed territory: Worldwide

German Short Film Award 2019

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