When we look around, we usually divide the world and the living beings around us very quickly. Into old and young, boy and girl, rich and poor, strong and weak, big and small, brave and afraid and last but not least into animal and human. But the six films in the program MO&FRIESE ON THE ROAD IN FABULOUS COMPANY show us that often not everything is as it seems.

In cooperation with children with and without hearing or visual impairments, an audio description and an insert in sign language have also been created so that the program can be shown without barriers.

The workshops were sponsored by Aktion Mensch and the Claere Jung Foundation. The film program was supported by MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein.

Films included:
Girl Power
I'm not afraid!
Cat in Boots
In Nature

Original title: Mo&Friese unterwegs in fabelhafter Gesellschaft (Kurzfilmprogramm)
Dialogue: German, Without Dialogue
Clearance of minors: 6 years
Licensed territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Topics: Age
Educational topics: Acting, German, General Studies, Religion/ Ethics
Grade from 1 to 4
Age recommendation 6
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