During a game of hide and seek Vanja leaves the bright living room and enters a dimly lit courtyard, which has far too many dark corners, weird shadows and strange noises. To overcome their fear, Vanja turns into a dangerous tiger!

Original title: Ich habe keine Angst!
Director: Marita Mayer
Script: Marita Mayer
Music: Marius Kirsten/ Simon Bastian
Others: Animation: Alba Dragonetti, Florian Maubach, Friedrich Schäper, Hero Hendel, Lena Fraundienst, SinWad Nolan, Yann Le Bot; Head-Animator, Compositing: Carlo Palazzari; Art Director: Friedrich Schäper Layout & Backgrounds: Katharina Rival Character Design: Alba Dragonetti
Production: Fabian&Fred GmbH / Fabian Driehorst
Dialogue: German
Clearance of minors: 0 years
FBW rating: particularly valuable
Licensed territory: Worldwide

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